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    What to expect when you buy a home…

    1. Schedule an appointment with the Karen Kull Team to determine your Wants and Needs.
    2. Meet with the Karen Kull Team to discuss the Home Buying Process and Current Market Trends.
    3. GET PRE-APPROVED with a lender of your choice. A pre-approval letter will enable you to look at homes with confidence.
    4. LET’s GO SHOPPING for your dream home.
    5. MAKE AN OFFER- We will guide you through making the right offer on your dream home.
    6. Order a Home Inspection. We will discuss/negotiate any repairs from the home inspection.
    7. Your lender will order an appraisal on your behalf.
    8. Your Loan is approved and you have received a Clear to Close.
    9. CLOSING DAY- Just prior to signing the paperwork for your loan and new home, you will do a walk through of the home.
    10. CONGRATULATIONS!! You are the proud new owner of your dream home!